May 19, 2014

Berries, Brass and Bliss :: Cedarwood Style Inspiration

Photos by Jenna Henderson

Luscious berries and an imperial color palette inspire this organically fresh Cedarwood Weddings style shoot, designed with vintage brass, lace and leather.  Our lovely bride and barefoot flower girls enact the timeless tale of young love as they frolic in the spring landscapes of our natural world, showcased at Historic Cedarwood.

Brass&Berries_Jenna_103Brass&Berries_Jenna_054Brass&Berries_Jenna_073 Brass&Berries_Jenna_105

This shoot was a joy for several reasons.  It was styled as a project for the students of Jenna Henderson‘s photography workshop, The Arrow, and we loved having several creative women shooting at our property! We also enjoyed seeing Jenna share her process in a leadership role.


We gathered up some of the most adorable flower girls to surround our bride model and showcase a few new additions to the line of Cotton Angels Flower Girl Dresses, available in the Cedarwood Style Shop.   Certainly, we love showcasing the talents of the Cedarwood design team (kudos to Brittany, Karen, Alicia, Molly, Lexi and Kortni)  for the lovely flowers and event design.

We are excited to share our Berries, Brass and Bliss feature as inspiration for brides looking for a style that combines modern and vintage elements, and well as the spot-on-perfect Designs in Paper invitation created for our vision, through the fantastic photography by Jenna Henderson. Enjoy!

CedarwoodStyle2014_053CedarwoodStyle2014_055aBrass&Berries_Jenna_047Brass&Berries_Jenna_100Brass&Berries_Jenna_101Brass&Berries_Jenna_050Brass&Berries_Jenna_070Brass&Berries_Jenna_075Brass&Berries_Jenna_074Brass&Berries_Jenna_080Brass&Berries_Jenna_072CedarwoodStyle2014_044 Brass&Berries_Jenna_013CedarwoodStyle2014_045 CedarwoodStyle2014_047a CedarwoodStyle2014_049 Brass&Berries_Jenna_044Brass&Berries_Jenna_045Brass&Berries_Jenna_039Brass&Berries_Jenna_009Brass&Berries_Jenna_007Brass&Berries_Jenna_016Brass&Berries_Jenna_005Brass&Berries_Jenna_014Brass&Berries_Jenna_003Brass&Berries_Jenna_025Brass&Berries_Jenna_030CedarwoodStyle2014_055Brass&Berries_Jenna_038CedarwoodStyle2014_056 CedarwoodStyle2014_057 Brass&Berries_Jenna_046 Brass&Berries_Jenna_109Brass&Berries_Jenna_088Brass&Berries_Jenna_086Brass&Berries_Jenna_082Brass&Berries_Jenna_117Brass&Berries_Jenna_114Brass&Berries_Jenna_120Brass&Berries_Jenna_062Brass&Berries_Jenna_066Brass&Berries_Jenna_067 Brass&Berries_Jenna_063Brass&Berries_Jenna_092 Brass&Berries_Jenna_095 Brass&Berries_Jenna_091 Brass&Berries_Jenna_132Brass&Berries_Jenna_129 Brass&Berries_Jenna_108 Brass&Berries_Jenna_127 Brass&Berries_Jenna_126 Brass&Berries_Jenna_125 Brass&Berries_Jenna_124 Brass&Berries_Jenna_131
Brass&Berries_Jenna_104 Brass&Berries_Jenna_122Brass&Berries_Jenna_134 Brass&Berries_Jenna_136Brass&Berries_Jenna_097Brass&Berries_Jenna_057Brass&Berries_Jenna_052

Special thanks to our wonderful models, who don’t even show how chilly they were on this cool spring day:: Aspen, Zoiey, Bailey, Jo, Bella and Lydia. Be sure to send a message to the style shop if you have questions or would like to order a custom design for your wedding!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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