January 27, 2014

Sweet Seranade :: Lynne+Ryan

Photography by Brandon Chesbro

New York residents Lynne and Ryan wanted to be married in Nashville near Ryan’s family home because every visit to Nashville was filled with warmth and love, the ambiance they wanted for their wedding.  Lynn continues, “Ideally, we wanted a backyard wedding. The only problem? Our backyards weren’t quite big enough. When we saw Cedarwood on a wedding blog, we instantly felt a sense of home. In addition to elegance, charm and beauty, Cedarwood weddings are without exception filled with warmth and love.  From the people you work with to the personalized details, having your wedding at Cedarwood  feels like having your wedding in a magical version of your own backyard.”

Taking place on the last day of Summer, Ryan and Lynn’s wedding radiated from their family core, and is one of the most personal expressions of love we have witnessed.  Lynne wore her great-grandmother’s opals down the aisle, which had been worn by her grandmother, mother and older sister on their wedding days. They hung wind chimes in memory of Ryan’s niece Libby, and as  a tribute to the great love of Ryan’s family.  Ryan’s parents sourced a selection of beers from the places Ryan and Lynn lived –  Yazoo’s Hefeweizen for Nashville,  Goose Island’s Matilda for Chicago (where they met), Brooklyn Pale Ale for NYC (their current home) and Yuengling (a local childhood staple). We loved the fact that Lynne and Ryan were married on the 38th wedding anniversary of Lynne’s parents.

Lynne’s father has played the piano from the age of six. Singing songs around the piano is a treasured tradition in the Hitchner home – one shared by family and friends. Having danced around the living room to her dad’s music on countless afternoons, there was only one musician Lynne wanted to  play her first dance. When she asked Cedarwood to bring a baby grand piano to the barn to make that happen, we said ‘absolutely.’ Lynne shares , “Such a personal backdrop for one of the most magical experiences of the day, we were able to dance our first dance as a married couple to my dad’s piano and best friend Vanessa’s gorgeous soprano voice. They even surprised us with a short singalong – bringing our family tradition to all that we love.”

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Lynne and Ryan say their parents, siblings and bridal party worked hard to make their wedding what it was. “Without them, this day wouldn’t have been nearly as special (or well-planned) as it was. On the day of our wedding, Cedarwood was overflowing with love and support for us. People traveled from all over the county and the world to be there to celebrate our marriage. The only way we had to thank them for the gift of their presence, was through hugs and by throwing a fantastic party. We made sure to do the former and Cedarwood made sure to do the latter. The photos we have of our family and friends, smiling and having a great time, are the most cherished remembrances from that day.  

Our photographer Brandon Chesbro was incredible – he felt like another member of the family, which helped with nerves and helped capture the people we love and their personalities perfectly.”  Lynne refers to a specific photo on the swing with her bridesmaids (older sister Megan and best friend Vanessa) looking highly concerned about the bride’s antics. She says that photo perfectly captures her relationship with the cautiously loving women in her life.

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Lynne’s mother Anne was in a car accident 36 years ago. Though she uses a wheelchair more than she’d like, she’s never missed a beat. Lynne and Ryan say one of their favorite moments of the night, was watching Lynne’s parents slow dance – with her dad supporting her mom’s weight. It reminded them how lucky they are to have role models of powerful love.  Ryan and Lynne say spending time surrounded by their bridal party and family before the ceremony started calmed nerves and created a loving environment.  Lynne beautifully expressed some more favorite memories of the day, saying:

“We wrote our own vows to read to each other (read them below). They were inspired by the struggles and successes we’ve had over the years and the incredible example set for us by other couples in our lives. We loved hearing our friends and family laugh when we recited “I promise to love everyone and everything you hold dear…And, to like as much of it as I can.” And we nearly fell to pieces when our 3-year-old flower girl Claire, came over to offer her bouquet when she saw me crying from our vows (smiles.)  In my family, singing John Denver’s Country Roads is a family tradition. We were able to continue this tradition on the dance floor of Cedarwood’s stunning white porch with everyone we love in a circle and a gorgeous Tennessee night sky sparkling behind us.”

Such a heartfelt wedding! Thanks Ryan and Lynne for touching our hearts so deeply, and sharing your wedding day experience.  Gratitude also to Brandon Chesbro, for sharing your images (shot in film).

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

Vendor Resources:

Venue, Event Design, Floral and Decor:  Cedarwood

Bride’s Gown: Suzanne Neville

Brides’ Shoes: Michael Kors

Bride’s Veil: Sara Gabriel

Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss

Groom’s Tie: Liberty of London

Groom’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Vanessa – Anthropologie, Megan – Aidan Mattox

Groomsmen’s Ties: Liberty of London

Catering: A Dream Come True

Cake bites: Patty Cakes (Patty Russell)

Paper: Designs in Paper

Rentals:  Liberty Party Rental

Rings: Anne Sportun

Hair: Kim DiGiacomo

Makeup: Shelly Sartan

Band: Shake Shake Shake (Prime Source Entertainment)

Photography: Brandon Chesbro

Cars: Grand Avenue Transportation

Honeymoon: Africa Odyssey

Our Vows
I promise to love you courageously
Each and every day

I promise to listen
I promise to hear

I promise to protect you and care for you
On the days you can’t do so for yourself, and on the days you can

I promise also to care for myself
With the understanding that we are what each other holds most dear

I promise to help you soar, no matter how far from me you fly
Or how scared I might be that you won’t come back

I promise to let you be human
And love what makes you, you
Even if it’s different tomorrow from that which it is today
Even if it challenges what makes me, me

I promise to love everyone and everything you hold dear
And, to like as much of it as I can

I promise to always try to make you laugh
Even when it feels impossible

I promise to show you love
Even when you feel far away

I promise to take the struggles that will come
With a sense of adventure
With a heart filled with compassion
And with the faith that we’ll pull through

I will love you, I will honor you, I will walk beside you
All the days of my life




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