November 13, 2013

Autumn Nature Preserve Vow Renewal Inspiration

Photography by Frenzel Studios:

To be part of the Cedarwood Event Team, you’ve got to be talented, crazy about creating, and passionate about everything ‘weddings.’ And by passionate, we mean a bit obsessed. (By the way, our lovely staff  member Jessica Foley is a perfect fit!) Even with Cedarwood’s heavy wedding schedule, we delight in designing and styling romantic inspiration for the joy of it. Jessica and Luke’s milestone first year anniversary was a perfect opportunity to celebrate  their relationship in the natural fall beauty of our historic farm.  Hence, the origin of this inspirational shoot with our own free-spirit, Jessica, and the love of her life, Luke, in the wilderness of Cedarwood’s Nature Preserve.

Event styling was inspired by Jessica and Luke’s common Irish heritage, love of autumn and artistic natures. We used feathers, flowers and organic materials plucked from the nature preserve for an ‘earth and sky’  aesthetic that evokes the passion and creativity these two share.  Jessica added her ideas and talents to the mix, including her hand-lettered invitation and handmade fashion accessories. Luke and Jessica’s love chemistry did the rest, all beautifully photographed by Frenzel Studios.  Enjoy!

Cedarwood Vow Renewal74

Cedarwood Vow Renewal21

Cedarwood Vow Renewal01

Cedarwood Vow Renewal23

Cedarwood Vow Renewal02

Cedarwood Vow Renewal06

Cedarwood Vow Renewal64

Cedarwood Vow Renewal12

Cedarwood Vow Renewal07

Cedarwood Vow Renewal08

Cedarwood Vow Renewal17

Cedarwood Vow Renewal18

Cedarwood Vow Renewal41

Cedarwood Vow Renewal27

Cedarwood Vow Renewal28

Cedarwood Vow Renewal29

Cedarwood Vow Renewal30

Cedarwood Vow Renewal33

Cedarwood Vow Renewal35

Cedarwood Vow Renewal36

Cedarwood Vow Renewal37

Cedarwood Vow Renewal38

Cedarwood Vow Renewal40

Cedarwood Vow Renewal42

Cedarwood Vow Renewal43

Cedarwood Vow Renewal45

Cedarwood Vow Renewal44

Cedarwood Vow Renewal50

Cedarwood Vow Renewal51

Cedarwood Vow Renewal52

Cedarwood Vow Renewal53

Cedarwood Vow Renewal54

Cedarwood Vow Renewal55

Cedarwood Vow Renewal56

Cedarwood Vow Renewal58

Cedarwood Vow Renewal59

Cedarwood Vow Renewal61

Cedarwood Vow Renewal62

Cedarwood Vow Renewal09

Cedarwood Vow Renewal13

Cedarwood Vow Renewal05

Cedarwood Vow Renewal04

Cedarwood Vow Renewal11
Cedarwood Vow Renewal14

Cedarwood Vow Renewal16

Cedarwood Vow Renewal65

Cedarwood Vow Renewal66

Cedarwood Vow Renewal67

Cedarwood Vow Renewal68

Cedarwood Vow Renewal69

Cedarwood Vow Renewal70

Cedarwood Vow Renewal71

Cedarwood Vow Renewal73

Cedarwood Vow Renewal63

From Jessica: ” Luke and I met in South Carolina in September, got engaged in September, and he even gave me a sapphire engagement ring, so naturally we wanted to get married in September. When I think September, I think autumn- my favorite time of year because everything feels so romantic. The days become crisper and shorter, the skies bluer and the colors are rustic and sensual. Our 2012 late September wedding plans ultimately turned into a  September 1st wedding in Beaufort, South Carolina. (September 1st on the South Carolina coast is not autumn; it’s pretty much still August – and hot)   Still, I LOVED my wedding and would never trade it for anything else. Planning my wedding did help me realize that I wanted to be in the wedding industry. With my printmaking degree and life-long love of design, I was grateful for the opportunity to join the Cedarwood Weddings team when we moved to Nashville for Luke to pursue his music career. At Cedarwood, I’ve learned much, much more about weddings while getting paid to be creative – a dream job!  As my first season working with the amazing designers at Cedarwood was coming to a close,  I had so many new wedding ideas I wished I had when planning my wedding a year ago. Plus it was late into the fall season that I love so much!  Imagine my excitement when Cedarwood suggested we do an inspiration photo shoot for our first anniversary (YES, Please!)  This was a cool opportunity for me to think about my wedding with a different theme and atmosphere, utilizing the gorgeous property at Cedarwood.  We created a beautifully romantic, autumnal and intimate setting in the wild grasses of the nature preserve; it felt like we had run away in late October to elope in a secluded, grassy field in the Irish countryside!  Luke and I had so much fun feeling like newlyweds again and will treasure these memories and photos forever.”

Thanks Jess and Luke for sharing your love and to Frenzel Studios for capturing the beauty of this priceless day!  We are also grateful to our friends at Arzelle’s Bridal for providing Jessica’s gorgeous dress. And for all of you who have admired the beautiful calligraphy and hand-lettered signs at Cedarwood, Jess has a hand in that!  Love you Jess!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team



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