March 14, 2013

Rainy Day Love Stories

Title photo by Erin Lee, The Collection

We look forward to the amazing weddings in 2013, rain and shine.  Some of our favorite wedding photos and stories have sprung from rainy days. After all, everything grows with a little rain, especially love!

Here are some memorable Cedarwood rainy day love stories!


Erika and Eric

Photography by Love is a Big Deal

(Erika is a Cedarwood bride who touched us with her enthusiastic love and artistic talent. She even spent a year working with the Cedarwood team.) Erika shares, “It was around 9:30am when one of my bridesmaids came to me with a look of fear on her face and said, “Erika…whatever you do, don’t look outside”. Of course, I turned around in my chair and looked. I saw the rain slowly trickling down the huge windows of Union Station hotel and smiled from ear to ear. I turned to her and said, “Nothing could ever ruin this day for me…nothing. Today, I’m marrying my best friend and the one person that I love more than anything…Let it rain!” Shortly after making that statement, I received a text from Eric’s aunt, Julie, “Rain is good luck. Some of the happiest marriages I know were nourished by mother nature on their wedding day”. She couldn’t have been more right. Looking back now, nearly a year and a half later, I cannot imagine it NOT raining on my wedding day. I truly believe it added so much more intimacy, life, and a such a carefree attitude to our event.




“Eric and I ended up getting married in the barn as a rain option. I cannot express how much I LOVE that we went with that option. It wouldn’t have been the same on the Garden Terrace. The intimacy that the barn offers is indescribable…standing room for guests, with seats only for our grandparents. The barn was filled with our loved ones, standing close around us, each one of them a special part of our ceremony. Eric and I wrote our own ceremony and vows and the intimacy that the barn offers allowed each of our guests to be a part of that. You could feel the love, energy, and emotion radiating from all of us.

“The soothing sound of the rain pouring down on the barn outside during our ceremony, the way the rain cooled off that hot September day, Eric and I running through the meadow like children without a single care in the world, the way the raindrops felt on our skin as we cried tears of happiness during the intimate moments that we shared after our ceremony…those are all special moments that we will never forget.



“I guess what I’m trying to say is this. When it’s all said and done, it doesn’t matter if your hair was a little frizzier than normal, if your makeup isn’t as fresh as you wanted, if your dress gets muddy or wet, or if your guests need umbrellas. Embrace your day with your whole heart, dance in the rain, laugh until you cry, and forget about the small things that in the grand scheme of things don’t really matter. What DOES matter is that on that day you are beginning the rest of your life with the one person that you can’t imagine spending the rest of your life without.”


Beth and Brian

Photography by Waldorf Photographic Arts

Beth and Brian encountered the most challenging rain any couple could image on their wedding day – the 100-year flood in Nashville. Their wedding story is a tribute to the power of love and the purpose of marriage. Beth told us that although the rain threatened to wash away their wedding plans, it actually made them focus on and appreciate the most important thing—their love for each other, for their family and friends, and for their community as a whole.  Beth shares, 



“The day of our wedding, Brian and I woke to the phone ringing and the make-up lady apologizing profusely about the fact that she could not make it to the hotel that day due to the flooding in her house.  We were aware of the extreme weather forecast and “battened down the hatches” mentally for what the day would bring us.  Before we even got out of bed, we reminded each other that no matter what the day would hold logistically,  to not lose sight of the fact that the most important thing is that we love each other and are getting married–and Brian also gave me a very sweet love letter.  That moment was a great place to anchor myself throughout the day when everything else was crazy.

 ”The phone was ringing non-stop by 9 am,  and it was all hands on deck for fielding calls.  We knew that Cedarwood had experienced considerable  flooding, and was trying to figure out alternatives.  It was amazing to see my family and friends, and all the wonderful wedding vendors in action.  I was deeply touched by all that everyone did to help out.   I knew that the Cedarwood team was committed to making the wedding happen even if it meant bringing the wedding to us, wherever we were, if we could not make it there.  My aunt and uncle immediately offered their home as a back-up, which gave us a certain degree of peace of mind, but we continued to try to secure a venue that could accommodate the band as well.  The Cedarwood team, our minister, and our photographer were helping call various venues around Nashville as a back up and my bridesmaids were coordinating phone trees for guests and sending around updates.  Several of my girlfriends came up and helped the wedding party do make-up and get ready, while another friend was coordinating with the transportation vendors.  My uncles rescued the liquor from my mom’s flooding basement, reboxed it and delivered it.  After it was clear that the buses for the guests weren’t going to make it, all of the guests met in lobby of the hotel and introduced themselves to each other and car-pooled out to Cedarwood.   It was truly a team effort!  Through it all, Brian and I stood side by side—amazed and thankful for everything that everyone was willing to do for us. 

 ”The Cedarwood team clearly went above and beyond and pumped water, cleaned and made the wedding gorgeous despite the rain and flooding.  The flowers were beautiful, the food was great, and the cake was yummy!  The band rocked–and there was tremendous sense relief and celebration as everyone danced their asses off all night!   We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day—a very real sense of love and community.  It should be what every wedding day is all about! “



Alicia and Michael

(Alicia is an amazing and adored member of the award-winning Cedarwood Design Team and was married in her home town of Martha’s Vineyard)






Alicia shares, “Rewind to the year 2000, my first visit with Michael’s parents at their home in Key West at Christmas.  Stuck in the house all day due to heavy rain, we were horsing around and I put a rubber band over the sink hose to soak Michael when he turned on the water. Unfortunately his father Mike was the one who caught the brunt of my prank and was not too happy about being soaking wet while we all laughed. Learning I was behind the mischief, Mike and I hit it off and all was good.  

“Fast forward through eight years of courtship and engagement, Michael and I were getting married in my home town of Martha’s Vineyard.  Sadly, Michael’s father Mike was no longer with us, but we are convinced he found a way to ‘be present’ anyway.  I woke up on my wedding day to torrential rain ALL DAY LONG!  The radar didn’t show much hope of clearing before our 7pm outdoor sunset ceremony on the ocean.  Just as we were about to relocate the ceremony and make adjustments for the reception, the skies cleared, revealing the most amazing sunset. We pledged our vows overlooking the little fishing village of Menemsha the way we had dreamed of doing. I know this was Mike’s ‘payback’ for that rainy day prank in his Key West kitchen years ago. The rain actually helped make our wedding complete. It was perfect.” 

(below: photo by Krystal Mann)


Caitlyn and Joe

Photography by Rylee Hichner

Caitlyn shares, “The most memorable moment of our wedding was probably the first reveal. It started raining about 2:00 on the day of our wedding and the anxiety set in. We had planned an outdoor ceremony with a GIANT paper flower arbor (made by me and some trusty craft buddies) and rain was simply not going to fly. When it was time for the first reveal (which we kept delaying and delaying because of the downpour) I shakily made my way to the dock where we had chosen to meet. When I saw Joe and we kissed under the umbrellas, I knew it really didn’t matter if it rained or not because I was about to marry my favorite person in the world. And thats just what we did. As an extra bonus, five minutes before the ceremony was set to begin the clouds cleared, the sun came out and it was absolutely perfect.”




 Amy and Brian

Photography by Krystal Mann

From Amy, “We have to admit that the weather was not what we expected for our day, but amazingly the rain turned out to be a blessing in disguise! We couldn’t have asked for a more romantic or intimate spot to get married than under the barn with the sound of the rain on the tin roof. I think from now on, I will always have a special spot in my heart for rainy days. We truly appreciate the Cedarwood team’s efforts in transforming the barn from its “cocktail hour” state to a magical place for our ceremony. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine exchanging our vows in front of all our family and friends anywhere else!




“We received so many compliments on Cedarwood during and after our wedding. Our guests couldn’t believe how beautiful the house was, the amazing flowers that were EVERYWHERE, and all the special details that made our wedding unique. Thank you again for helping us to have the wedding of our dreams and one of the most amazing days of our lives!” 






For all of our Cedarwood brides looking forward to their weddings this year, we hope that you will embrace your day with all it’s possibilities.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

Below: Our FAVORITE Rainy day wedding moment, Claudia and Mark. Photo by Dove Wedding Photography



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