March 10, 2013

Bold and Beautiful Bouquets

We cherish every¬†Cedarwood bride and the opportunity to help pull her personal wedding style together. ¬†Every color palette has it’s unique beauty, be it blush or bold. Today we celebrate brides who selected bright and bold flowers in a display of one dozen gorgeous bridal bouquets, all by the Cedarwood Design Team. Photography credits at the end.

Dove Wedding Photography

Cedarwood Weddings


Shout out if you recognize yours, and let us know which ones you love!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

Photography Credits:

1. Kate Underwood
2. Kristyn Hogan
3. Dove Wedding Photography
4. Ace Photography
5. The Collection
6. Lotus Blossom
7. Kristyn Hogan
8. Kristyn Hogan
9. Love is a Big Deal
10. Rylee Hitchner
11. Mary Rosenbaum
12. Ace Photography


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  1. Absolutely beautiful bouquets. Thanks so much for sharing them. <3

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