February 8, 2013

Love Conquers :: Micah+Jerry

Photos by Ace Photography

Being part of a couple’s love story and helping deliver their wedding day dreams makes us feel incredibly fortunate. Cedarwood’s event team connects with each one in a deep way: we celebrate their joy, engage their creativity and  do our best to shelter them from the ‘heavy lifting’ of wedding planning and production. We are continually inspired by our opportunity to serve people during these significant moments of their lives. And sometimes, as in the case of our beautiful couple Micah and Jerry Price, these moments take an unexpected turn.

When Micah first visited Cedarwood from Texas, we loved her fresh, sunny disposition and her mother Rhonda’s dedication to make her dream wedding a reality. Three weeks prior to Micah and Jerry’s wedding day, tragedy struck when Micah was involved in a fatal car accident, leaving her foot crushed and requiring extensive surgical care.  Despite countless urges for Micah to postpone her wedding, we were determined to make Micah’s wish to go forward happen in the most memorable and beautiful way. Through fabulous Ace Photography  images (Arline, Tiffany and Miles were amazing!) Micah and Jerry can forever treasure a remarkable day of commitment, celebration and love. We’ll let their photos show how Micah experienced her wedding day with incredible grace and beauty.


Micah shares her personal, inspirational wedding story:  “Let nothing come between a bride and her wedding day”

I had been waiting for nine and a half years for Jerry, my high school sweetheart, to propose. I knew it was coming soon since we’d just moved to Texas together for my new job.  Of course, I had been planning our wedding long before, so I had ideas on what I wanted and where I wanted to get married, (definitely not in south Texas!) before he even proposed.  Jerry finally proposed on March 7, 2012 and it was everything I could have hoped for and more.   Little did he know, I had already decided on Cedarwood for my wedding venue before I even got the ring!  (I stopped by for a visit when we flew in for a friends’ wedding).  Living in Texas and getting married in Nashville would make it difficult for wedding planning,  but after my first meeting with Linda at Cedarwood I knew it would be the most fun process with the least amount of stress, so I got started with my planning for the most exciting day of my life set for October 6, 2012.

Most people worry about rain on their wedding day, whether the flowers will look just right, or if everyone will like their food.  But on September 12, 2012 all of that changed. The car just came out of nowhere, pulling out in front of me from a side road as I was cruising down the highway at 70 mph.  At first I didn’t even understand what was happening.  I had hit something and my car was spinning, the airbag hit me in the face, and then everything was still.  All I could think was “oh darn, I think I just got in a wreck”.  I grabbed my phone with a shaky hand and dialed 911.  Little did I know the lady answering my call was a neighbor at my apartment that I babysit for occasionally.  I told her quickly the scenario and then went to take off my seatbelt and get out and check the damage.  That didn’t happen though, because as soon as I tried to move I realized my right foot was starting to hurt, then it really started to hurt.  So I sat still and noticed my foot was in a bad position and this wasn’t just a simple wreck…things were getting real.  Many civilians stopped to help,  and as they were running to our cars, I hear one of them yell “I’m not getting a pulse on this one, I think she’s dead!”  That’s when I started to freak out.  Right at that moment, the state trooper that just so happened to be my next door neighbor comes up and grabs my hand and said, “Everything’s going to be ok, Micah”.  Next thing I know I have other kind civilians helping me by calling my fiancé, holding my hand, distracting me with conversation, and supporting my neck until the ambulance arrived.  Many of them tried to reassure me by saying, “Oh I’m sure your ankle is just sprained, it really doesn’t look that bad”.  I hung on to those words as the EMTs finally got me out of my car, placed me on a stretcher, and started placing IVs.  The driver of my ambulance happened to be the mother of a patient I had just seen in my clinic the day before.  This was my sign that I had guardian angels around me the whole time.

Its 3 weeks before my wedding.  I’ve now learned that my right heel has been crushed into approximately 18 pieces and surgery is a must.  What am I going to do? You could say I definitely wasn’t worrying about rain, flowers, or food at this point.  I ask the surgeon in Texas what my chances of walking down the aisle will be and he laughs at me.  That’s when I knew I wasn’t going to let him do my surgery and my wedding was going to be a lot different than I had imagined.  My sweet fiancé never left my side, held my hand every minute, and cried with me when I cried out in pain while we tried to figure out what to do next.  A week later we flew to Nashville to have surgery on my foot.  Right before my surgery my mom, fiancé, and I went to Cedarwood.  With tears in my eyes I asked Linda Wright (my other guardian angel), “What are we going to do?”  She reassured me that everything would be fine and my wedding would go without a hitch.  But how was I going to get down the aisle?  That’s when Linda looked at me and said, “How about a horse and carriage?”  Really?!  A horse and carriage?!  How romantic is that?!  For a moment I forgot about my foot and imagined going down the aisle of my outdoor cathedral wedding in a carriage pulled by magnificent horses.  It sounded wonderful.  We were going to pull this off!

My surgeon used 13 pins, 9 screws, and a metal plate to put my heel back together one week before my wedding.  The pain was horrendous.  I kept asking the doctors to please put me in a coma so I didn’t feel the pain anymore.  Most hours of the day my pain was a 12 out of 10, and without the prayers to our Lord and the loving care from my fiancé, family, and hospital care team, I wouldn’t have made it through.  During the days that followed I did my best to make sure every detail for the wedding would be ready, all while taking pretty strong pain medications.  Somehow that didn’t stop me, even though I had my moments of falling asleep while talking on the phone and forgetting what I did the day before, but with the help of all the Cedarwood staff, my wedding day was planned and ready!  With all my friends’ and family’s support, we started getting ready for the big day…I was definitely excited, a little nervous since I hadn’t seen exactly how my venue would be set up, and just slightly apprehensive about my foot ruining my fairytale.  The hours that followed were the best hours of my life thus far.  I got ready for my wedding surrounded by those who love me and pulled into Cedarwood around 2:30pm.

It felt like a dream.  How did all the Cedarwood staff pull off EXACTLY what I had pictured in my head?  Down to the littlest details, such as pearls and romantic candles in all the right places, and bouquets that I couldn’t have imagined any better myself.  The candle lit mason jars hanging from the trees set the mood for my chic romantic candlelight wedding, and the horses and carriage were the start to my fairytale.  My wedding was everything I had imagined and more.  It went without a hitch, everything planned perfectly and every detail attended to.  It was as if I didn’t even have a broken foot!  I fell in love with Cedarwood the moment I set foot on the place and they treated me like a princess throughout the entire process.  I wouldn’t have been able to have the wedding of my dreams in spite of my broken foot without my fiancé (obviously) and his strength, love, and commitment, my Dad and his wife’s help and support, my mother’s constant encouragement and care, my sister/maid-of-honor’s good humor and empathy, my in-laws’ good attitude and thoughtfulness, our close friends’ kindness, prayers, and ability to make every moment fun,  Ace photography’s patience and creativity,  and Cedarwood’s staff/Linda Wright’s attention to detail, compassion, and generosity.  Our wedding was a perfect reflection of Jerry and I- down-to-earth, romantic, simple country, yet elegant and sophisticated.  All of our family and friends came up to us all night telling us how our wedding was the absolute best wedding they’ve ever attended.  Which part was the best? The outdoor cathedral, the horse and carriage, the decorative cocktail hour in the barn with music from a famous Nashville songwriter, the amazing food cooked on the grill, the beautifully designed reception area complete with a couch to keep my foot up, or the great music and dancing on the dance floor?  Well, all of these were perfect and came together to make a wedding no one will ever forget.  However, my absolute favorite part was watching my husband tear up as I came down the aisle and as we said our vows to each other.  It meant so much more to us as we said “in sickness and in health” and it makes our story just a little more special.  Everything happens for a reason.” – Micah 


THANK YOU Micah and Jerry, for touching our hearts!  Thanks Ace Photography for being such amazing photographers and friends!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

Resources and Credits
Photography:  Ace Photography
Venue:  Historic Cedarwood
Flowers, décor, event design:  Cedarwood Weddings
Bridal Gown:  Augusta Jones – “Jessie” – The Bride Room
Alterations:  Karen Hendrix
Left Shoe:  Chinese Laundry
Engagement Ring/Wedding Band:  Henri Daussi – Genesis Diamonds
Bridesmaid Dresses:  The Dessy Group – Alfred Sung
Men’s Attire:  J. Crew
Hair & Make-up:  The Yellow House Salon – Liz Whipple
Caterer:  Chef Christopher’s Catering
Wedding Cake:  Patty Cakes
Homemade Pies: Rhonda Millican Smith (Mother of the Bride)
Groom’s Cake:  Sherri Patterson- The Fairy Cake Mother
Invitations and printed paper goods:  Designs in Paper
Hand-lettered signage:  Cedarwood Weddings
Officiant:  Rev. Darren Brandon, Owensboro, KY
Ceremony Music:  Jared Tanner, Mark Godwin and Rebecca Baumbach
Cocktail Hour Entertainment:  James Dean Hicks – Nashville Singer/Songwriter
Reception Music:  Jace Aaron DJ
Guest Favors:  Glenda Price and Abbye Hodskins (Mother and Aunt of the Groom)
Get-Away Car:  Grand Avenue
Surgery and Right Foot Boot:  Vanderbilt Orthopedics- Dr. Bethany Gallagher


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