January 30, 2013

Marriage+Merriment :: Lindsey+Alex

Photos by Ace Photography

Every wedding has a unique story to tell. Lindsey Dils and Alex Bruggensnchmidt paid homage to their heritage, incorporating meaningful memorabilia from the Bruggenschmidt family department store into their wedding day decor. Advertising fliers bearing the Bruggenschmidt name with iconic brands like  “Red Goose Shoes” and “Oshkosh B’Gosh” marked a late century lineage that is sill significant to Alex and Lindsey today.  Lindsey and Alex wanted a comfortable, open celebration with a modern minimalist design. Fresh, beautiful green and cream flowers popped against blue attire blending with the green grounds and blue skies above.  It was a perfect day for a destination wedding for two young lawyers from Indianapolis with a Cedarwood Outdoor Cathedral ceremony followed by  feast and merriment under the stars.  

A cigar bar decorated with a “Dills Tobacco” vintage cafe mirror honored Lindsey’s family name and was accompanied by an impressive array of aged bourbons. Lindsey and Alex shared a legendary taste of home with Tell City hand-twisted Pretzels, established in their hometown in 1858.  Lindsey and Alex accomplished their goal of “a lively party no one wanted to leave” with a great bar and wedding toast with individual bottles of champagne, a late night grilled cheese station and rockin’ dance party with live music by  Jace Aaron Entertainment. Enjoy the delightful marriage and merriment of Alex and Lindsey’s wedding day through these wonderful images by Ace Photography.

Thank you Alex and Linsey for sharing your family history with us and for making your own history at Cedarwood. It was a lovely day full of lively people and fun times. Thanks Ace Photography for sharing your images  — we are smitten by the shot of Alex and Lindsey’s outdoor cathedral ceremony reflecting in sunglasses! Amazing!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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