January 31, 2012

Alternative “Guest Books”

Among the ways couples can personalize their wedding style, perhaps the most memorable single element is the ‘guest book.’ Acknowledging attendance by signing their names is the first activity of wedding guests. Traditional guests books have given way to more creative options, including signing photos, books, original art, pottery, and objects of art. Wishes cards are a favorite alternative since they allow couples to extend sentiments from loved ones by reading them on their honeymoon or beyond. Trendy fingerprint trees are popular, as are opportunities to come up with totally unique guest book alternatives to represent your love and wedding day style. ¬†Here are a few of our design team’s favorites from creative Cedarwood couples. Let us know your wedding guest book plans and ideas!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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Feature Image + Images 1-2-Cedarwood photo by Aspen Hall; 3-Krystal Mann; 4-Ace Photography; 5-Kristyn Hogan; 6-Ace Photography; 7-Dove Wedding Photography; 8-10-Photographix; 11-Jennifer Wagner Bunce; 12-Melinda Bunker Photography -13-14-Ace Photography; 15-Cedarwood photo by Aspen Hall; 16-17-Krystal Mann; 18-20-Cedarwood photo by Aspen Hall

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