April 24, 2011

Eco-Friendly Decor Included at Cedarwood!

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Decor Included in Your Wedding Package at Cedarwood!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are all guilty of coveting weddings that we see on blogs and magazines.  There’s so much wedding eye candy that it’s challenging to decide what’s right for your day and then nearly impossible to pull together all of the details without breaking the bank buying or renting every item that you need to complete your look.

But did you know that there are a few (very few) Nashville venues that INCLUDE decor rentals in their overall wedding packages? This is an enormous benefit if you are a bride that wants a blog-worthy wedding but dont have the vision or time or desire to do it yourself.  Not only does it save you from having to coordinate with several companies to select, rent and have your items delivered but it also saves you money.

All-inclusive Cedarwood is one of one of those rare venues.  When you select them as your venue, you simply choose a wedding package and their team handles all of the coordination – from design and florals to cakes.  And yes, most of the items that you see featured on their wedding blog are available to all of their brides!

Today we take a look at all the huge array of items Cedarwood includes in their wedding packages, from their collection of fine china to their collection of used, found objects, and the looks they can create with these objects. Best part about this? It’s all eco-friendly!

Above Photo by Kate Crafton Photography

Colored Glass – Even on their own in their natural state, mason jars have such charm. But add a touch of blue or green and glass takes on a whole new life, becoming complementary to the objects placed in them.

Above Photo by Cedarwood Staff Photographer, Aspen Cook-Hall

Above Photo by Leslee Mitchell

At first glance the cobalt blue glass is very striking and you may think that it’s good for just really over-the-top designs (at least, I did) but when used with white linens and burlap runners, the entire look is a softer and more muted rustic, where there’s color without jarring the senses and goes perfectly with the blue hydrangeas.

Above Photo by Cedarwood Staff Photographer, Aspen Cook-Hall

Above Photo by Divine Images

Antiques – They may not be functioning anymore but these found objects can still work as props and display stands.  Hold favors in the wooden boxes, create various heights and levels with books to keep tablescapes interesting and really enhance the feel of your wedding if what you’re going for is a vintage vibe.

Above photo by Cedarwood Staff Photographer, Aspen Cook-Hall

As a photography buff, I would have loved to have the antique cameras on each of the tables as part of the centerpiece.

Above photo by Kate Crafton

The simple hurricane isn’t just for candles. Cedarwood has used them to house floral arrangements that look like terrariums. These lanterns are versatile accent pieces and aren’t limited to only the rustic looks but can also be used in more classic style weddings to add texture.

Above photo by Cedarwood staff photographer, Aspen Cook-Hall

Photograped by Justin Wright Photography

Opal Glass – better known as “milk glass” due to its white color; this glass was made in the 16th century as dinnerware. Cedarwood stores theirs in an antique china cabinet and the collection is impressive to say the least. Its antique leanings aside, the polished nature of this glass makes it useful to both vintage and contemporary weddings either as accents or to hold objects.

Yellows and blues have even more pizzazz when set against the pristeen white bowls and vases.(Photograped by Dove Wedding Photography)

Bold and beautiful against the bright orange and stark black (Photographed by Dove Wedding Photography)

Cake stands – Whether wrought iron or wood, Cedarwood’s cake stands fit any style from vintage to whimsical like in the picture from Aspen & Brad’s Halloween themed wedding. The wood cake stand (below left) was filled with cupcakes and caramel apples.

Photography by Ace Photography

These white milk glass platters would work well holding cookies, petit fours or, well, pies!

Photographed by Dove Wedding Photography

This is just the tip of the design iceberg by Cedarwood, they have so much more on hand and can do so much more, you should see it for yourself. From modern to vintage, art deco to French, whatever the style you seek Cedarwood will be able to make it happen so visit their blog for more inspiration and information on their full-design packages for weddings. Contact them soon to reserve their venue and when you do be sure to let them know that Ashley’s Bride Guide referred you!

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