April 21, 2011

Bouquet Boutique

They go together like two peas in a pod, or like a couple in love. A bride’s bouquet is the most important personal flowers of any wedding, and selecting the combination of color, texture and fragrance is a labor of love for every bride-to-be. Naturally, the bridal bouquet complements (sometimes even sets) the color pallet for wedding decor. The groom’s boutonniere is traditionally composed of a flower (or flowers) from the bride’s bouquet. Even though few men will profess a fondness of wearing flowers, on his wedding day, a boutonniere honors the groom’s sacred role.

Here are a few bouquet and boutonniere combinations we love, all creations of Cedarwood’s talented designer, Karen Wright.

We love to get ceative with boutonnieres….feathers, twigs, berries,  ferns, cotton….let’s make the groom feel special!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

Photographer credits in the order they appear:

1.  Angela Anderson Photography

2.  Jeter Photography

3.  Uchida Photography

4.  Krystal Mann

5.  Ace Photography

6. Paul Rowland Photography

7. Daniel Meigs Photography

8. David Wright Photography

9.  Amy Campbell of Angela Anderson Photography

10.  Ace Photography

11.  Dove Wedding Photography

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  1. My Daughter Married at Cedarwood on Saturday the flowers were testament to her wonderful Wedding. I am still enjoying them. I just added Pokey’s boutonniere (my Daughters Greyhound) to the floral arrangement that I brought home from the Wedding. It was so cute Karen makes everything so special right down to the burlap that wrapped Pokey’s boutonniere.
    The flowers were beautiful for her “special day” in fact when my Daughter called me after the Wedding her first words about the Wedding were and I quote “Mom there were so many flowers…did you see the flowers they were everywhere…” she was elated.”
    Thank you Karen for all that you do “behind the scenes” that make the Brides day “on the scene” so special.
    Monty Wilkerson (MOB) Happy Mother of the Bride PS I’m Elated too.

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