March 3, 2011

The Finer Things : Katie+JD

Photos by Souder Photography

There are fewer things in life more precious that true love, faith, family, sense of humor, good wine and a sunny day.  Katie Carter and JD Douglas enjoy the finer things together and never more abundantly than on their wedding day. Katie and Brenda Burroughs Douglas (JD’s mother) are creative powerhouses, and we enjoyed the special touches they added to express Katie and JD’s personalities and country chic wedding style.  Sophisticated rustic elements like mason jars and vintage crocks filled with wine corks (Katie and JD have corks from every bottle of wine they’ve drank together!) and a family photo ‘clothes line’ were tributes to their relationship.  Styling with candle chandeliers, burlap, hand stamped muslin and organza made decor both rustic and romantic.

The most romantic moments of the day were Katie and JD’s exchange of personally written wedding vows. Originally Katie and JD planned to use traditional vows their pastor provided, until their friend Josh Souder confided that sharing personally written vows with his wife Meg was his most precious wedding memory.  Katie says, “JD was on top of it; he carried his vows in his pocket and wrote down little notes here and there, eventually coming up with amazing vows in his own voice.  I, on the other hand, finished mine the morning of our wedding!  But when my mom (Paula Holloran Kennedy) read them and cried, I knew they were the perfect message for my husband-to-be.”

Josh and Meg Souder, of the amazing Souder Photography, were able to witness their influence when they photographed Katie and JD’s October 16 morning wedding. Enjoy these lovely images and more wedding style inspiration and commentary coming up!



Katie and JD personalized their wedding in so many big and small ways.  Decked out in cowboy boots, they enchanted Katie’s west coast family with a little Nashville flair. Filet Mignon and champagne with a gourmet grits bar by A Dream Come True Catering was pure upscale southern goodness. Custom signs are always classy additions, but we must say the “Bottles of Love”  Katie and JD gave guests are among the most personal and creative favors we have seen.

Katie and JD, we love the way you cherish each other, the bond you share with your family (we love them!) and the intimate way you promised your lives and hearts to each other. Thank you for allowing Cedarwood to be part of your wedding day cast. And thanks to our friends Josh and Meg of Souder Photography for sharing these photos!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Katie & JD says:

    You guys are unbelievable! What a beautiful way to start our lives together. If we got to do it 100 more times, we would do it the EXACT same way every time. The morning ceremony was perfect for us! The decor, the food, the cake, the flowers, the atmosphere…..AMAZING! We loved every minute of planning down to the last second we got to spend on the grounds of the most beautiful wedding venue ever! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You will always be a part of our extended family!!

    Katie and JD Douglas

  2. Paula Kennedy says:

    I totally agree with everything Katie and JD have said in their post, but wanted to add that the whole experience at Cedarwood was mystical and magical for the wedding party AND the guests alike. I had so many people compliment the venue, the decorations and the wedding itself as the best they had ever been to–from big expensive churches and clubs to simple backyard weddings…so I know you guys are doing something right!
    Also, everyone in our family knows what a creative person Katie is, and we knew she would have her hand in every aspect of the planning and that it would be outstanding! Thank you for allowing her, and us, to make Cedarwood our own “backyard” for the day. We will cherish the memories for a lifetime! Paula and Michael Kennedy
    (Katie’s Mom)

  3. Joe and Brenda Douglas says:

    Words cannot express how AWESOME this day was for all of us! We cannot begin to thank you enough for making JD and Katie’s wedding day the most perfect day EVER! It was like a fairytale! Everything was so JD and Katie….your special touches in putting together their ideas for their wedding day made their dream wedding come true! Linda, you and the staff at Cedarwood made this day so special for everyone, but most especially JD and Katie! Family and friends alike have told us that this was the most wonderful wedding they have ever attended, no exceptions! JD and Katie, along with their families and friends, were truly blessed to be able to share this beautiful start to their life together at Cedarwood. You all helped to create memories that we will fondly recall and cherish for the rest of our lives. And, Josh and Meg Souder of Souder Photography captured all the special moments of the day along with the beauty of Cedarwood so we have beautiful photographs to remind us daily of that wonderful day! We cannot imagine having had JD and Katie’s wedding anywhere else!

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