March 1, 2011

Paris with Love + Kristyn Hogan Photography

Sometimes serendipitous encounters are some of life’s greatest treasures.  Like meeting Kristyn Hogan, for example. She is a fantastic photographer, artist, philosopher and it seems we have known each other for a long time. We have similar passions and tastes when it comes to style. Kristyn came to Cedarwood to help us with a project (more on that later) and was one of the uber talented photographers at the Cedarwood Style Show Saturday.

With such tremendous talent behind pro cameras at our style show, we will be able to share loads of lovely details, which makes my heart do somersaults since we love, love, love great details and great photographs!  Kristyn Hogan was the first to send us some images, and I am thrilled to post the first of many Cedarwood showcase designs.

Our ‘Paris Flea Market’ inspiration table is especially appropriate to feature first because of Kristyn’s connection and reaction to this style.  She told us she gets a little mushy because she loves Paris so much.  Read on and find out why!

From Kristyn:

” The moment I walked in and saw this amazing table at Cedarwood, I fell in love! Paris is known for being the city of love and it is so much more than that. Paris has such a rich history and a passion for life and I love how this table brings that together. Vintage books, gorgeous and bright fresh flowers, eclectic pieces of history like the old typewriter and even authentic French perfume!

“I love how the past can be such a very real and beautiful part of our present and helps us to look on with hope toward an amazing future. A perfect metaphor for the beginning of a new family and the celebration of a wedding! I dated my husband, Matt, for six years before he asked me to be his wife in front of the Eiffel Tower on one of our trips to Europe. Our past, present and future was so real in that moment and as I photographed this beautiful design at Cedarwood I couldn’t help looking over at Matt and smiling.

“I love when couples celebrate their story in all the little details of their wedding day, when it reflects who they are together and what they look forward to in their journey ahead. The beauty of life is found in the little details! “

Swoon!  We loved working with Kristyn and Matt Hogan, masters at capturing details!

Cedarwood Brides:: if  you want your wedding documented with Kristyn’s passion and eye for details, check her out!  We want nothing short of extraordinary photography for your wedding.

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P.S.  Somersault is French for “great jump” – thanks Kristyn and Matt for mine!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Amazing style guys… You guys are truly amazing at what you put together!


  2. What a fantastic theme! The lace and fabric ribbons and place cards are the perfect finishing touches!

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