March 28, 2011

Ashley’s Bride Guide Repost: From Antique to Anthropologie


Designing a Signature Cedarwood Wedding: from Antique to Anthropologie

Repost from Ashley’s Bride Guide, Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding design is an underrated, deceptively uneasy task. While it all may just look like a bunch of flowers in a container surrounded by candles, it’s staged for perfection!  Some venues leave the wedding creativity to you, but Historic Cedarwood is just the opposite.  They partner with each of their brides to ensure a signature style and even offer packages with design included!  For this reason, nearly every wedding I’ve seen at Cedarwood has been amazing!

I recently attended an Open House at Cedarwood and was able to learn more about their signature design options.  Today I’m happy to share my favorite Cedarwood designs with you.  (See Part 1 for my recap of their venue.) They have tons of ideas and great taste and once you determine Cedarwood is the venue for your wedding, they will find a style that is unique to you.

My favorites…

French Flea Market

The antique typewriter, the mason jars with old French printed cards (perfect for seating assignments/name cards) and the mini Eiffel tower just scream Paris. Using old, used, found objects from the Cedarwood inventory, the table is a dream come to life for any bride who goes for this style of decor. As Linda of Cedarwood said, it’s a style “that combines eclectic elements and is perfect for a bride who wishes to incorporate some of her own ‘treasures’ into tablescapes.” She also pointed out that the mason jars could be used as favors! You can see more great details here on the Cedarwood Blog.

The napkins had fleur de lis stamped on them. A very simple but effective detail.

Love Birds

I thought this one was really cute. Another variation of the vintage style and again using found objects, the Love Birds theme has bird-inspired details like eggs in a nest sitting on the table or inside an old bird cage. I see it as a symbol of what is to come, that the day’s marriage can hatch into a lifetime of love that the couple will enjoy.

Modern Vintage

That gorgeous white glass you see is milk glass, of which Cedarwood has an arsenal. Without too much fuss or muss, they used black ribbon and “adornments to give thema modern ‘re-do'” as Linda explained to me. “The flowers were designed in ‘pave’ style which means closely grouped, in short arrangements which is used in modern design.” I personally like how the pastel and the stark black and white are such a bold balance of tones. Definitely a style I see the glamor-inclined brides pick for their wedding!

Sunset Trail

This table, to me, reminds me of the prairie – wildflowers, old containers and apothecary bottles, a jar of old buttons from clothes that have been lovingly worn and the old timey looking pictures. This table is perfect for displaying your own old pictures from your grandparents’ or parents’ weddings, and pictures of yourself. The sachets Cedarwood had on the tables contained lavendar, another great favor idea!

They’re not just limited to the vintage look and can cover more sleek, glamorous styles to some more vibrant and colorful designs such as these.

And let’s not forget their stunning floral arrangments!

There were so many wonderful tables on display during the Open House, these were just the ones that I found myself walking around and looking at the most.  These designs are truly just the tip of the iceberg from the creative designers at Cedarwood. They have tons of ideas and great taste and are there to work with you to find a style that is unique to you.

Our special thanks to Ashley’s Bride Guide. We appreciate your work!   Also thanks to Ace Photography,  Dove Wedding Photography and Kristyn Hogan Photography for these great photos from this year’s Cedarwood Style Show! Click here to see a few of the decor items available to Cedarwood brides.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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