January 29, 2011

Two Continent Wedding : Terri-Ann+Berchaun, Part 2

Above Photo at Cedarwood by Daniel Meigs

Terri-Ann and Berchaun’s Cedarwood vow renewal and wedding celebration on August 1 followed their intimate South African Safari ceremony and honeymoon just two weeks earlier.  There’s so much to share on this amazing two continent wedding, we decided to dedicate a whole post to Terri-Ann and Berchaun’s amazing African wedding images by Phonix Capture, complete with highlights shared by photographers Sven and Karen Musica. Enjoy the journey!

Above and all Africa Photos by Phonix Capture

From Sven and Karen Musica of Phonix Capture:  “This wedding was one we had been looking forward to from the day we received the request. Berchaun and Terri-Ann were a New York based couple at the time (they recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee) and the wedding was only going to be the two of them!  Really, really intimate wedding.

“Well we arrived at Singita, and what a stunning, wonderful place (Singita Game Reserves, South Africa)– it really has a wonderful atmosphere. As normal, I got to spend time with Berchaun as he got ready and Karen spent time with Terri-Ann. Both of them are such a wonderful couple.

“The ceremony took place at a confluence of two rivers, with a stunning atmosphere, Hippos ten meters away and Fish Eagle calling nearby, all setting the mood.  After the ceremony we took a 30 minute drive to a lookout point where Terri-Ann and Berchaun cut the cake, drank champagne and had their couple photo session. It was a spectacular atmosphere!!! The views over the park were incredible. As the sun was setting in the valley below, two Elephants were moving about. This was Africa!

“Terri-Ann and Berchaun, I really hope you had an amazing time here in SA; the single night we spent there was incredible, and we would like to thank you that we could be part of your wedding. You are an incredible couple, and wishing you an amazing reception and future back in the US.

“We would also really like to thank Sonya of Guided Safaris Inc., based in San Francisco, USA, for organising the wedding from abroad. They really did a fantastic job to ensure everything ran extremely smooth from across the globe.

Wow!  Click here if you missed Part 1 of  this amazing wedding. Then  join us state-side for Terri-Ann’s story and advice for planning a two continent wedding, plus more Cedarwood vow-renewal and wedding reception photos coming up in Part 3!

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