January 6, 2011

Sweet Emotion : Stephanie+Brandon, Part 2

Photos by Krista Lee Photography

Stephanie and Brandon Ward melted our hearts during their romantic outdoor wedding on the first day of October. It was a glorious day decorated by fall and accented with a wedding color palette of red, russet and golds for a naturally sophisticated, simple fall celebration punctuated with an abundance of smiles.  As guests headed to the Cedarwood barn for a pre-dinner cocktail celebration, Krista Lee Photography captured some dreamy sunset photos of Stephanie and Brandon.

Things we adore about Stephanie and Brandon’s wedding:  DIY tissue packages for each guest, made by the bride’s sister and mother with craft paper, daisy flowers and pearls saying, “For Your Tears of Joy.”  If you missed these ultra-cuties, click here to see them in Part 1  of Stephanie and Brandon’s wedding post (we won’t tell if you want to copy this idea :)) Gail and Stacy (mom and sis) also made coordinating craft table assignment cards with daisy cutouts that hung in the barn during cocktails.  Stephanie and Brandon gave private labeled wedding wine as take away favors – always a classy gift.   Bowls of home made mints on the tables was a nice touch. The ‘surprise’ feather hats for the bride and groom for a lighthearted laugh – such good sports!  And finally Stephanie and Brandon’s memorable send off in Matchless Limo’s  London Taxi Cab!  We love the perfect picture of them driving away by Krista Lee Photography!

These photos really tell their wedding celebration story, don’t they?  Thanks Stephanie and Brandon (and your gracious families) for allowing Cedarwood to serve you.  And thanks Krista Lee Photography for always being such a good friend and professional partner and sharing your images!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Krista Lee says:

    LOVE the post and thanks again! You are getting good at those collages! 🙂 🙂

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