October 7, 2010

Country a’ la Chien : Hannah+Bryan

Photos by Krystal Mann of The Collection

There is something about well-bred dogs in posh settings that’s just so chic. You see them in Paris Cafes and on the Avenues of Europe all the time. I’ve often wished our society would open its doors wider to our four legged companions so we could experience life a little more a’ la Chien. That’s why Cedarwood is a pet-friendly wedding venue!

Hannah Chitwood and Bryan Trea wanted to share their wedding day joy with their beloved Husky Cymber at their side. She is an amazing and stunning dog that played a perfect role as ring bearer and added a great deal of fun to the day and photos! Krystal Mann of The Collection captured some sweet moments of Hannah, Bryan and Cymber at their June 13 Ceremony and on the Cedarwood countryside.

Starting as high school sweethearts, Hannah and Bryan’s eight year relationship helped them weather Bryan’s absence for military service. After he returned from a tour in Iraq last December, Bryan proposed and he and Hannah began planning a June wedding. Hannah loves vintage, antique-sque style, but she wanted her wedding to have an art deco vibe with a lot of bling! Bryan loves the country and Cedarwood’s vintage truck and barn. And, our course, Cymber loves wide open spaces and being with her two most important ‘humans.’ Cedarwood was just the venue for their summer outdoor, pet-friendly wedding.

Next: ┬áBeautiful ceremony, cake and table top design from Hannah and Bryan’s wedding in our Part 2 post.

Blessings to you Hannah and Bryan. We hope you’ll always be safe and stay close. Thanks to the stellar Krystal Mann of The Collection for allowing us to showcase her work. We love it!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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