September 24, 2010

Pink Paradise : Amber+Luke

Photos by Dale Dorman Photography

Pink has many moods. It can whisper softly, shout out loud, kick off a party or entice our romantic side.  When Amber Dale booked Cedarwood 14 months before her June 12, 2010 wedding, she was specifically clear on one thing. Hot pink would play a major role in her wedding design!  Amber and Luke Graves are a fun, upbeat, party-loving kind of couple and they wanted their wedding to be a sensational seasonal celebration of hot, vivid color.  A combination of fuchsia, orange and green is just the ticket to take guests to a summer state of mind.   Apple green bengaline table linens with fuchsia runners, bright hued flowers, fresh green apples,  and colorful rice paper lanterns painted the scene for a carefree southern summer.

We are professed photography addicts, and the images from Amber and Luke’s wedding by Dale Dorman Photography are pure delight.  Here’s our ongoing dilemma (and question to our blog readers): just how many photos do you want to see of a wedding  in our posts?  And, do you like to see one long post or several shorter ones?  Dale shared so many great Amber+Luke images that we just keep on adding to our faves list!. There’s a lot of favorites – how do we choose?  We look for photos that reveal a couple’s personalities – that make you feel like you know them.  We love photos with movement and emotion, and we like to throw in some facility images for those of you who are looking at Cedarwood through our blog posts.  Of course, details are important  (love, love, love these wedding shoes!) and it’s always fun to  show  fresh, new shots of Cedarwood icons (like the black and white with our red truck). So get ready for a lot of eye popping, make you happy, sassy-and-sexy images.  Enjoy!

Amber and Luke have the sweetest love story of a six year courtship and a bond that was clear to their closest friends even before it was expressed by them.  Amber’s BFF Katie Burcham told wedding guests that she didn’t get to meet Luke until he and Amber had been together for about three months…but when she finally did, she turned to Amber and uttered the words “He’s the one.”  And for those of you who don’t know the story, Amber’s engagement ring is nearly 100 years old. It started on the hand of Luke’s great Aunt Josephine, who then passed it down to Luke’s Aunt Kay.  Stunning (lucky Amber!)  We love family heirlooms that play a fresh role in weddings.

Amber and Luke, congratulations and our best wishes for a life long paradise together. We also want to give a special shout out to your fantastic family and parents Teresa and Ward Dale. And if you have enjoyed these photos of Amber and Luke’s wedding, be sure to check out the work of Dale Dorman Photography. We want to see him back at Cedarwood soon (actually we already have with his mentor Donna Edmondson — lovely wedding forthcoming)

Oh, and before signing off, here’s a bonus photo – our favorite bridal portrait of Amber by Dale Dorman. Like we said, Pink Paradise!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team


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  1. Amber says:

    Thank you all for making my wedding the best day of my life! I could have never dreamed of something more perfect for myself and Luke. Your staff was absolutely amazing and helped things run so smooth. Everyone has something that is the most important thing to them and something they always notice at weddings, and mine are the flowers. I chose Cedarwood for the flowers and Karen went above and beyond my expectations. It was exactly what I had envisioned and I want to thank you for making it come to life. Despite the summer heat it could not have been any more perfect! It was so wonderful working with you all, and I will never forget my wedding day thanks to you all.

  2. Erika says:

    Hey Cedarwood Team! As a future Cedarwood bride, I check the Cedarwood blog daily. Beautiful job, once again! In reference to your “dilemma”, I think the more photos the BETTER. I can’t get enough of each post, and it is always fun to see different shots from different photographers points of view, and to really get the whole picture, as if I were there. I love it. Keep the beauty coming!

  3. Cedarwood says:

    Thanks Erika for your response….and for reading our blog! We’ll keep posting. The next one is dedicated to you!
    And we can’t wait to start talking details of your wedding!

  4. Sharon Smith Neuman says:

    Hi Linda,
    I’ve been a blog fan since December 2009. I agree with Erika, the more photos the better. More captions would be helpful to those brides like me who don’t see Cedarwood in advance of the wedding. And of course the ideas one gets from the photos! In person and dressed for a wedding Cedarwood’s breathtaking!

  5. Cedarwood says:

    Thanks Sharon for the comment. We have just gotten some images from David Wright Photography from of your wedding. We’ll feature you and Bob on the Cedarwood blog soon. We have lots of fantastic weddings to share…great wedding photos coming up!

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