July 16, 2010

Catchlight Cinema + Cool Surprise = Jamie + Dave

Aaron Beaird of Catchlight Cinema had a cool job at the June 11 Cedarwood Morning Glory wedding of Jamie McCord and David Meurer: to document the hottest wedding gift ever given by a new bride to her man. Everyone knew about the gift except David, and we all held our breath as Jaime led him to see his new motorcycle parked on the pavilion dance floor.  The surprise on Dave’s face was priceless.

Dave had presented Jamie with a special surprise as well.  During the ceremony in the Cedarwood barn,  he performed a song he wrote just for her. This wedding is one of the most personal, most exciting and most intimate commitments of love held at Cedarwood.  Thank you guys, for sharing with us!  Hope you’re enjoying your smokin’ hot ride!

And thanks Aaron for sending us this video. Enjoy!

Jamie + Dave Highlights from Catchlight Cinema & Photography on Vimeo.

Ace Photography was the photography team chosen by Jamie and David. More of their special celebration to come!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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