May 5, 2010

Airborne Love: Stephanie and Daniel

Daniel is a soldier. A Forward Observer with the 101 Airborne Division of the United States Army. He lives admidst danger and sacrifices much in service to our country. Stephanie is the love of his life, the strength beside him even when they are oceans apart. Their family is the sacred bond between them.

Stephanie Hill and Daniel Schonborg will become husband and wife at Historic Cedarwood on August 6.

When we met Stephanie and Daniel we were impressed by several things.  Their love for each other – fresh and new through four years together. The excitement and enthusiasm they expressed in planning their wedding. Their loving interaction with and devotion to their 2-year old daughter Grace. We fell in love with them and their love story. We know you will too.

Stephanie writes:

“Daniel and I met online. I sent him a message and never heard back from him. I brushed it off and went on with life.  Three months went by and I received a message back from him.  He had, at the time, been in Iraq and was unable to reply. He is a Sgt. in the US Army and based out of Ft.Campbell, Kentucky with the 101st Airborne.  He had just returned home. We casually chatted for a while and quickly learned we had so much in common. He had a wonderful sense of humor, which won me over in the end. Plus, an adorable smile to top it all off. We decided after a few months of talking, that we would meet in person but just as friends. That way there was no pressure for either of us. I have two amazing little boys from a previous relationship and I was very hesitant to introduce them to him. That day, August 6th 2006, was the begining of a long lasting love and wonderful friendship. He was nervous and I was too. The boys took to him instantly. I was very relieved!  We both knew after that day that it was going to quickly turn into so much more than a friendship. We were soon inseparable from each other even though he was living in Clarksville and I was in Nashville. He drove to see me every weekend and off day he had available. We were falling in love.  In May of 2007, we decided to take our relationship to the next level and he was going to move in with us. The boys loved him and I could see the happiness he brought into all of our lives, it just made sense to bring all of us together and make a family. Shortly afterwards, we discovered that I was expecting a baby and in Feb of 2008, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl. This gorgeous miracle of life bonded us deeper than we ever thought possible. Fatherhood for him seemed to be so natural and effortless. It was beautiful to see him so taken by this tiny little baby. Sadly, seven weeks after she was born, he deployed to Afghanistan for a year. Our relationship was tested and tried many times during that year. Prayer and hope became my biggest tools of survival. That year, many things happened. Our daughter’s first year, the boys starting school, and I was dealing with medical problems which led to surgery. Thankfully, he returned home to us in April of 2009 and by May, we were engaged. He asked me while we were packing our house to move to Clarksville just 2 days before my birthday. I don’t even remember what he said.  I just remember seeing that black ring box in his hands and throwing my arms around him. He was shaking as he slipped it on my finger and I was overcome with joy. The past four years have seemed to fly by with just a turn of the head. I’ve enjoyed every beautiful, stressful, loving, and difficult moment of our ride and so anxiously await the next 60 years together as husband and wife.”

Beautiful love story!  We are looking forward to Stephanie and Daniel’s Cedarwood wedding on August 6 – the anniversary of their first date four years ago.  We are honored to help make this day magical for a lovely family.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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