February 9, 2010

Eco Wedding Style: Kate and Matt Part 2

Photos by Krystal Mann, Mint and Sage

Cedarwood weddings are custom designed to express a couple’s relationship and to evoke an emotional feeling, a specific passion and tone.  Elements and details should be seamlessly connected to their personal style and, by this definition, Kate and Matt Schefft’s September 13 organic farm wedding is truly a masterpiece.

Kate is a modern day ‘Earth Child’ in the most flattering form.  She is passionate about sustainable farming, pure, wholesome food and  environmental issues. Instead of buying wedding favors for guests, she and Matt made a donation to fight global warming by purchasing carbon offsets from Native Energy.  They reduced the carbon footprint of their wedding while supporting the Greensburg Wind Farm in Greenburg, Kansas.  Bravo!

Recycling wedding refuse was also a priority, and Cedarwood’s green practices, including recycling, was one reason Kate loved our venue.  Sometimes its the little details in a photo that make an essential statement, like the following shot of Kate and Matt next to Cedarwood’s compost!

Locally grown flowers and organic, local food were essentials to Kate and Matt, but they had to be, shall we say, high style organic! Martha Stamps Catering is one of Nashville’s most dedicated supporters of local farmers and a culinary leader in local, sustainable and organic cusine.  Reception food included a delicious four course meal — all butler passed! Tease your taste buds and enlarge this next image of their regional-local organic menu including a list of Tennessee farms that contributed to the  wedding feast!

We’ve whizzed through our second blog post on Kate and Matt’s wedding, and you might be asking, “What about THE WEDDING?” Coming up next: Part 3, Green Wedding, Great Party!

Too cute to miss (below) a Green Grasshopper comes to the “Green” wedding party!  Perched on our antique dough bowl, this photo is priceless!

And of course, a farm wedding isn’t complete without a farm truck! Our 1950 vintage red Chevy is a Cedarwood icon, but we don’t know which we adore more in the next photo: the truck bed embrace or Kate’s bare feet! Picture perfect.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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