January 23, 2010

Heather+Tommy::Come to our Cabaret

What if the last open Saturday in October at the wedding venue you love happens to be Halloween? We would say it’s a perfect day for a lovely fall wedding and a cabaret-style celebration!   Heather Payne and Thomas Smith are  style makers extraordinaire with their elegantly translated October 31 Cedarwood wedding.

AndyCam Productions collaborated  with Ace Photography to merge video and photography and we love the results of the merger!   Andy Morris of AndyCam Weddings sent us these collages and a  link to the Magnificent rockin’ video for Heather and Tommy’s wedding.  Click here to enjoy!

Andy Morris of AndyCam says in his blog, “Since this was my first “Halloween wedding,” I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was very impressed by the planning and design done by the team at Cedarwood. From the creatively carved pumpkins, table settings and floral arrangements (by Cedarwood’s Karen Wright) to the masquerade masks and china balls, this wedding was really fun to shoot…especially in High Definition!”

This fantastic wedding was featured in the winter/spring 2010 issue of  Enchanted Brides Magazine with photos by Ace Photography.  And as you might guess from these spirited still shots by AndyCam Weddings, Heather and Tommy are always the life of the party.  There are many details and images still to share, so look for a future Cedarwood post of Heather and Tommy’s jubilant wedding day.

Congratulations Heather and Tommy, and also congrats to AndyCam Weddings for a world-class production! We haven’t seen better.

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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