January 6, 2010

Cedarwood 2009 Fave Photos

Back by popular demand – our  Annual Fave Photos from 2009 Cedarwood weddings!   And there are some incredible images to share!   Naturally the floral, decor and wedding design featured in these photos are creations of  the  Cedarwood Design Team!

Disclaimers: Winners are chosen by the Cedarwood staff in the spirit of fun AND because we are blown away by beautiful photography. We are not professional photographers or judges, but we do see a lot of beauty AND a lot of photographs.  It’s always exciting to see images that we feel completely capture the beauty of the subject and setting.   Some photos can be categorized in more than one place and some categories feature co-winning images because we found it too hard to pick just one.  And most important:  we have yet to receive photos from several of our favorite weddings which we KNOW will include contenders . . . alas, we must work with what we have!

Congratulations to this year’s winning photographers. Along with several consistently superior studios featured in our 2008 Faves list,  there are some talented first-timers with multiple winning images this year (special shout out to Kate Crafton of The Studio Five and McCoy Made!)  And here we go. The 2009 Cedarwood Fave Photo winners are…


Old growth trees, a rope swing and romantic  front porch are Antebellum essentials and popular settings for Cedarwood wedding photographs.  A multitude of photo combinations in this area of our historic property make this a big category!  The photo (below) by Paul Wharton Photography is especially stunning because it was taken in the rain, and the second shot by Shaun Ring Photography is one of our all time favorite front porch photos.

Sloan in front of Cedarwood

cedarwood plantation, nashville

Glowing candles in Mason Jars hanging from Cedarwood trees reminds us of catching fireflies in days gone by.  Krista Lee Photography’s photo (below)  has an old time vibe that does too.

mason jars krista lee photography


A challenging category because most wedding photos are romantic;  hence we picked three favorites. First and second: the steamy photo (below) by Jeter Photography and the second surreal shot against a full moon (no photo shop, folks!) also by Jeter Photography. Amazing!

Fave most romantic

Fave moon shot

The photo below by Krista Lee Photography could equally be a winner  in the Barn category. It is fantastic  and shows off the rustic- romantic interior space of the Cedarwood barn.



Part of great photography is snapping a shot at just the right moment to capture pure emotion. Even though it rained on their wedding day, both couples created our fave feel good moments. First photo by Brooke Kelly Photography and second by Ann Wade Parrish Photography.


feel good fave ann wade parrish


Two amazing shots in less photographed areas of the Cedarwood grounds. Photo (below) by Jen Kroll Photography. Second photo by Dove Wedding Photography.

Grounds photo



Our vintage red barn is a Cedarwood icon, so we were hard pressed to select just two photos!  The shot (below) by Ace Photography uses the barn’s rich color as a perfect partner for the American flag, and the second photo by Dove Wedding Photography is just sooo sexy!

Fave barn shot



What a magical moment! Krystal Mann of Mint and Sage Photographic Artists shot this organic, romantic scene in Cedarwood’s rock lined creek bed.

mint and sage first meeting

Co-winner is this light-hearted and delightful  photo by Jen Kroll Photography.  She shot a succession of emotion-packed expressions during this first meeting on the Cedarwood porch and it was really hard to choose just one.

first meeting jen kroll


Okay, both are designer gowns, but it’s the light and movement we love most! Photos by Ace Photography (below) and Krista Lee Photography (second).

Williams dress



You know we’re all about amazing flowers at Cedarwood,  so of course there’s three in this category!  This bouquet (below) is floral perfection all by itself but we love the personal Rosary adornment. Photo by Tec Petaja …  and yes, we also love a bride’s bouquet being held by the groom! A real man never hesitates to hold his lady’s flowers!


(Below) The photo of bouquets by Paul Wharton Photography is simple, classic and so appealing.  We love the soft hues against black and white.

bouquet paul wharton

Jeter Photography’s photo (below) is our third fave because the focus is where is should be – square on the color and texture of these exotic flowers – then fading into the lace dress. Great bouquet and great photo!

171Wu copy


So often boutonniere photos are overlooked but they can be design art.  The one in the photo (below) by Kate Crafton of  The Studio Five is wrapped in heirloom lace to compliment the bride’s bouquet. Like a spring bird’s nest (second photo), a creatively unusual boutonniere was photographed by Jeter Photography.

Faves bout studio 5

Fave bout


Stunning photo (below)  by McCoy Made. Need we say more?


We look forward to wildly creative wedding ring photos.   Jennifer Dunaway Photography shot these rings (photo below) on a Lily Pad  floating in our front lawn pond for a Cinderella Bride and her Frog Prince.  Brilliant!

Rings lilly pad


We adore floral hair pieces for brides and halos for flower girls. This photo (below) by Krista Lee Photography shows a labor of love in progress … and how about these fabulous colors!

Fave hair resized


We think the best family  portraits  are anything but  ‘formal’ – – –  relaxed and fun with a good mix of family chemistry.  Can’t you just see dad nudging his ‘little girl’ just as he has done since she was wee?  Wonderful photo (below) by Mint and Sage Photographic Artists.

fave family shot mint and sage


Give the guys a little love! Ace Photography shot this dramatic photo (below).  The second photo by Andi, Inc. Photography shouts attitude, but these guys are real gentlemen.

Fave groomsmen

Fave guys


The bride and her maids are always the center of attention and attract dramatic photos.  Ace Photography (below) and Andi, Inc. Photography (second) capture this category with “matching halves”  from the above weddings!

Faves maids

Fave Maids


2009 was deemed ‘the year of rain’ in middle Tennessee and we had many opportunities to capture a little liquid love. Titus Bartos of Made in Murfreesboro Photography shot this downpour (below photo) but the day dried up in time for a beautiful outdoor ceremony!

Made in Murfreesboro Photography resized

Co-winner is Mint and Sage Photographic Artists’ photo (below) of a romantic rain kiss.

Mint and Sage Photographic Artists


Cedarwood offers several possible sites for wedding ceremonies and we used them all in 2009!  The ceremony photo (below) by Cedarwood staffer Ellen Manson is set in our magnificent meadow creating an ‘outdoor cathedral’ with our vintage Gothic church windows and pews. (Note: official wedding photographer Tec Petaja has not yet released photos from this wedding, but you can see him at work in this shot!)

The second photo by McCoy Made is a winner for the challenging-to-take, but stellar shot they set up of a tented ceremony in the round.




Can you say fun country wedding any better than this shot (below) by Krystal Mann of Mint and Sage Photographic Artists?  And of course, the casual freshness of the second photo by Brooke Kelly Photography is what Cedarwood is all about!

mint and sage truck


We  had to have an action shot!  Love this one by Ace Photography.

wedding party running


Bet these two photos make you smile!  (Below) The Studio Five finds a way to take a pre-ceremony shot without the groom seeing his bride before the altar.  The second photo is a great attitude shot by Krista Lee Photography. Love the bride’s kickers!

faves whimsy studio 5



Cedarwood is proud to honor those who serve our country in the armed forces by offering a military discount for Cedarwood weddings.  This year’s fave pagentry photos, however, come not from a wedding but a farewell.  My beloved father-in-law, a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy for 31 years, was laid to rest in a touching graveside service with  full military honors. Photos by Amy Callahan Photography.




We know everything tastes better on a pretty table but how about a dazzling table? McCoy Made rocks this table top style (below).


Co-winning is a Jen Kroll Photography shot (below) of a tablescape  capturing the earthy essence of a “garden shed inspired” wedding style and Ace Photography’s photo (second) of a classic and elegant tone-on-tone reception table.

detail jen kroll

tabletop ace


We love this priceless photo (below) of kiddos doing what comes naturally – by Made in Murfreesboro Photography.

034 - MIM_4304_resize

Fairy tale innocence, beauty and nature combine to make this co-winning photo sheer magic. The flower bearer garlands we designed are just as magical. Photo taken by Cedarwood staffer Ellen Manson.



The cake by Patty Cakes is artistic and amazing and the photo (below) by McCoy Made just as enticing! Second is a Mint and Sage masterpiece showing off a superb cake cutting set up in the Double Parlor of Cedarwood’s historic house.


fave cake


The groom’s Darth Vader cake is intriguing but the light captured in this photo (bel0w)  by Hannah Elaine Photography steals the show.  The second photo by The Studio Five shows off Patty Cakes’ talent (just look at the detail on this cake – down to the ‘just married’ license plate!)


Faves groom's cake Studio 5


Unlike wedding cakes displayed for much of an event,  food is much harder to photograph.  It often passes by in a flash,  but when captured just right,  photos can make our mouths water!  Photo by Hannah Elaine Photography.



Beautiful shoes are every bride’s finishing touch.  What an amazing photo by Ace Photography.

Fave shoes


This dreamy, romantic, vintage black and white (below) by Tec Petaja won our hearts and the second photo by Rachel Williamson Photography melted our hearts!




Our signature sofa has traversed the Cedarwood grounds and we love the shot (below) in a field of white clover. Dove Wedding Photography takes a fave spot in the sofa category again in 2009.  The  Studio Five is co-winner with the second beautifully lit photo in the front lawn.

Faves Maids Studio 5


Our 1950 Chevy makes a statement! It’s the most photographed prop at Cedarwood so we are always challenged to choose from so many great contenders.  Ace Photography’s sunset shot (below)  is stunning and the second photo by The Studio Five is co-winner for its romantic charm. And in case you’re wondering – yes, it does still run!

Fave truck

Fave truck Studio 5


All photographers who shoot at Cedarwood know we are crazy about detail shots! McCoy Made had lots to capture at this wedding and they were obviously up to the challenge!


Co-winners are  Paul Wharton Photography for his great shot (below) of the most unusual wedding detail from 2009 ( a custom neon monogram for the bride and groom installed in the Cedarwood Pavilion) and Jen Kroll Photography for a whimsical detail.  Great colors!

detail neon sign paul wharton

detail birdhouse jen kroll


No family is complete without their four-legged family member.  Our pet-friendly policy allows couples to include their cherished companion in a Cedarwood wedding, but sometimes it’s just best to bring them to an ‘after session’ with room to roam!  Love this shot by Dove Wedding Photography.

Puppy Love


Another photo of pure joy perfectly captured in a vintage tinted photo by Ann Wade Parrish Photography.



Yes, cars can be sexy! This photo (below) by McCoy Made is proof. The second photo by The Studio Five poignantly says “perfect ending.”


Fave limo Studio 5

Thanks again to all our photographer friends who share your work with us!

Our recommendation to all of you planning a wedding this year:  Don’t book your photographer before checking out these award-winners! Links to photographers featured in our 2009 Cedarwood Fave Photos are listed below.  And of course, check out ongoing new photos as we get them on the Cedarwood blog and on Twitter @ cedarwoodwed.

Happy New Year Everyone! Here’s to more amazing photos in 2010.

Linda and the Cedarwood Event Team

Ace Photography www.acephotographs.com
Amy Callahan Photography www.amycallahan.com
Andi, Inc. Photography www.andiincphotography.com
Ann Wade Parrish Photography www.awweddings.com
Brooke Kelly Photography www.brookekelleyphotography.com
Dove Wedding Photography www.doveweddingphotography.com
Hannah Elaine Photography www.hannahelainephotography.com
Jennifer Dunaway Photography www.jenniferdunawayphotography.com
Jeter Photography www.Jeterphotography.com
Krista Lee Photography www.kristaleephotography.com
Made in Murfreesboro Photography www.madeinmurfreesboro.com
McCoy Made www.mccoymade.com
Mint and Sage Photographic Artists www.mintandsage.com
Paul Wharton Photography www.paulwharton.com
Rachel Williamson Photography www.rachelwilliamsonphotography.com
Shaun Ring Photography www.shaunringphotography.com
Tec Petaja Wedding Photography www.tecpetajaphoto.com
The Studio Five www.thestudiofive.com

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  1. amy callahan says:

    Hi Linda-Everything looks great. Thank you for including me. TAke care, and you and David have a blessed new year.

  2. Krista Lee says:

    Thank you SO much for including me on this! I love working with you all! Hope to see you again soon 🙂 -Krista

  3. Brooke Kelly says:

    I don’t know how you narrowed these down! They are all outstanding images. I feel honored to be included with such talented photographers. I look forward to working with the Cedarwood staff again this year!! 🙂

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