December 17, 2009

Seriously Talented Shaun Ring

cedarwood plantation, nashville
Photos by Shaun Ring Photography

This post is actually an introduction to the upcoming coverage of the November 14 wedding of Jessica Gira and Billy Manning — our last wedding of the fall season but certainly one of our favorites. Compelling couple and fantastic wedding with so much to blog about.

cedarwood plantation, nashville

cedarwood plantation, nashville

Lexington, Kentucky photographer Shaun Ring posted images from the wedding on his blog, and we are so buzzed, we had to share them right away! This was Shaun’s Cedarwood debut and his perspectives are personal and poetic.

Shaun sets up this wedding beautifully, so we invite you to read his intro below, then click here to pop over to Shaun’s place for more blog photos and wedding slideshow!

“For once in my life, I’m at a loss for words. I want to tell you how amazing this wedding weekend in Nashville was for me, but I swear—every word feels inadequate. For someone like me who gathers energy and inspiration from my surroundings, this wedding was nearly too much for me to handle. I seriously felt overwhelmed visually, emotionally, at a soul-level. Let me try my best to explain this and not sound like a babbling fool…

Jess and Billy are like gravity. They draw together effortlessly, and never with an ounce of pretense or show. They are 100% comfortable with themselves and each other, and it shows in the easy spirit they carry. This sentiment echoed throughout the whole weekend. Everyone was warm and festive. Like a much overdo family reunion. I’ve never seen so much hugging, and I’m a hugger from way back. Love it.

The venue? Seriously? I could shoot there for an entire wedding season and still never capture that much beauty. Historic Cedarwood is THE ideal place for a wedding and reception. The facilities, the grounds, the food, the service—perfectly connected.

Okay…I can sense that my words are falling short. I’m going to shut-up now and let you enjoy these images!

Gorgeous, right?”

cedarwood plantation, nashville

YES. Absolutely Gorgeous! We are inspired by your talent, Shaun. Thanks for your gracious comments about Cedarwood!

We are also grateful for the priviledge to work with amazing clients like Jess and Billy. You are perfect together! Jess and Billy: Your letter to Cedarwood melted our hearts ♥ (read it on comments!)

Stay tuned for more!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. admin says:

    Letter to Cedarwood from Jess and Billy Manning


    I am sorry I haven’t been able to write to you sooner, but apparently things don’t slow down after the wedding either! I am writing you to tell you how absolutely amazing our wedding at Cedarwood was. Part of the reason that it has taken me so long to respond was that I have been trying to come up with the perfect words to describe the event and I am at a loss. Here is my best, but, I’m certain, still inadequate, attempt:

    Beautiful! Every arrangement, bouquet, chair, table, mantle, candle, EVERYTHING looked absolutely amazing. The centerpieces were out of this world! The HUGE arrangement on the buffet table is still being talked about! The place truly looked stunning! We were beyond VERY IMPRESSED!

    Experienced! I wasn’t the kind of bride who wanted to spend hours debating between roses and hydrangeas, or tirelessly figuring out how many martini glasses would be needed and because of Cedarwood’s knowledge and experience, I didn’t have to! You all took the few photos we showed you and wild ideas we shared with you in our planning session and turned them into our reality. It could have been a very scary thing planning a wedding in less than 4 months from a state away, but in reality, it was a breeze! We credit the staff of Cedarwood with that!

    Seamless! From the minute I arrived (20 minutes late, of course) until the end of the night when we boarded our trolley home our wedding was perfect! The day felt so easy. There was never a worry in my mind about a guest sitting at the wrong table, my wine glass being empty 🙂 or not knowing when to walk out for the ceremony. You were completely, but quietly, in charge the whole day. People always say that your wedding day flies by in a blur, but because of Cedarwood’s seamless service, that was not the case for me. I was able to take my mind off of worrying and enjoy every moment and every detail of our wedding because I knew I was in good hands. I truly thank you so much for that.

    Cared for! My big concern before we booked our event was that since Cedarwood does so many weddings each year that we might just become another number to you all. I feared that our wedding would turn out to look like everyone else’s and our wedding day would not feel special. I could not have been any more wrong! In the days since booking, planning, and celebrating our wedding I have looked at the Cedarwood website at least 100 times and I am yet to see two weddings that look alike! Personally, our day was exactly what WE wanted. I’m not only talking about the overall feel of it; I mean EVERY DETAIL was tailored to our desires. There were little touches everywhere that just screamed Jess and Billy! Every flower, every bird (Thanks, Linda! ), every everything was perfect! It truly was a one of a kind event!

    Like I said, I am just at a loss for words. Maybe the best way to describe our feelings about our Cedarwood wedding is this: if we were given an unlimited budget and were told we could do our wedding all over again WE WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING! So, I’ll stop my chattering now and wrap this up! Thank you all again for the wonderful wedding you created for us. It truly will never be forgotten!

    Jess and Billy Manning

  2. shaun ring says:

    Woohoo! I had such a blast. Thanks for giving me a shout-out on your blog. Love the new Cedarwood website, btw. Hot! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Shaun! We’re getting lots of great feedback on the new Cedarwood website and we love it too! Hope you’ll be back soon. We just gave your link to a prospective 2011 Cedarwood bride from Louisville! Linda

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