Coast to Country: Claudia+Mark, Part 2

Photos by Dove Wedding Photography

Claudia and Mark Cofer are a seriously adorable couple whose folk art-inspired wedding is one of the most authentic celebrations of love we have witnessed.  When Claudia and Mark first visited Cedarwood to plan their July 12 wedding,  we were touched by their genuine, easy going natures and adventurous spirits, especially when it came to styling their wedding.  Being artists themselves, Claudia and Mark wanted a laid back celebration that expressed a southern vibe and artistic edge. Combine their love of country music and nature and you’ve got a showcase Cedarwood wedding –  unique, Nashville-influenced style as cool as this west coast couple. Plus, it was photographed by the talented Dove Wedding Photography!

We were touched to get this note from Claudia: “Hey Linda! I just wanted to thank you so much for EVERYTHING you guys did for the wedding. I couldn’t have even dreamed of it looking half as good as it did. You added so many special touches that just made it so perfect. I am so so so so thankful for you guys and all the work that you did. Everybody had such a blast and were in disbelief of how beautiful Cedarwood was. You guys are so good at what you do. I really couldn’t have asked for any more. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And thank all the others at Cedarwood for me too because everybody did such an amazing job! THANK YOU!!!!”

It was truly our pleasure! Working with a genuine, fun, easy going couple like Claudia and Mark is pure joy for all of us at Cedarwood.  And now, it’s time to celebrate!  Table assignments were attached to fresh lemons on a primitive farm table, and tables were named after Nashville landmarks.  Claudia and Mark were pictured in photos taken at each of sites, which became part of art collages Claudia made for each table.  Vintage milk glass, blue mason jars, quilts, country fabrics, lemons and field flowers with lots of daisies kept the yellow, blue and white decor fun and fresh. A friend and fellow artist even made 1000 paper cranes which hung throughout the reception area to wish Mark and Claudia prosperity and happiness.  They added a perfect element to the folk art styling.

Most Memorable Event:  Dancing in the Rain

Although gorgeous summer weather graced most of Claudia and Mark’s wedding day,  a random reception rain shower didn’t stop, or even slow down, the celebration. Claudia and Mark’s ‘dancing in the rain’ shots are in Cedarwood’s wedding hall of fame favorites, and show how focused they are on what really mattered on their wedding day: how madly in love they are with each other.

Their advice to other couples? “Be in the moment with whatever happens and have a blast.”

Dove Wedding Photography ‘s stunning, pure-person photography perfectly reflects this couple’s love and commitment to each other. Thanks for sharing the experience through these fantastic images.

Congrats Claudia and Mark — we can see why your families and friends love you so much!  So do we!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. I love this. What an adorable couple. I’m in love with their favors!! Great work…..again!

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