Andi, Inc. Rocks Again : Amy and Phil

If you don’t know Andrea “Andi” Skaggs of Andi, Inc. Photography, please let me make an introduction! This young photographer is going places! Not only is she delightful to work with, she definitely has an eye for great moments. She is one of our favorite photographers  for capturing details  (and you know how much we love details!) — thanks, Andi!

Andi was at Cedarwood to capture the heart-felt union of Amy Jones and Philip Williams on June 18.   Amy and Phil are an AMAZing couple – so in love, so gracious, so thoughtful.  And did I mention FUN?   Just looking at their wedding photos will tell you a great deal about them.  Their wedding style could be described as ‘home spun’ country chic. When we met with Amy and Phil, it was clear that their priority was to involve the people they cherish with their celebration.  Their wedding is chock full of personal touches and family contributions that make their love unique.  Thanks, Phil and Amy, for letting us be part of it all!

Andi did such a fantastic job featuring Amy and Phil’s wedding on her blog that we decided to let her do the talking for Amy and Phil’s Cedarwood wedding!  We also love Andi’s photo composits (please teach me how to do this)! Andi is the first photographer to post a photo of our bicycle built for two and we love it!  Two photos from this wedding even made the Andi, Inc. Photography website banner!  Thanks!   Here we go – enjoy!

SUNDAY, JULY 11, 2010


Posted by Andi, Inc. Photography

So I know I am always bragging on Historic Cedarwood Weddings but I can’t get over this wedding that they put together. It was such a perfect mix of classic, vintage, and fresh. Amy and Phil have such awesome style anyways and this was so perfect for them. CAUTION: Picture overload coming up…I wanted to feature every little detail because they were all so fun!

Phil’s Aunt made these awesome little treats and the ribbons were just adorable!

They also set up a great picture taking area complete with the famous Cedarwood couch! The details were just amazing…look at those awesome mason jars!

I really wanted to feature all the neat flower arrangements that they had too. So beautiful.

I am always a fan of cupcakes and look how super cute this is!

The guys were having a hard time tying their ties…love this shot by my awesome assistant Megan!

The look on Phil’s face is priceless…

They had a beautful reading during the ceremony.

It was super hot out…Amy is too cute!

Congrats Amy and Phil! I am so so so excited and happy for you both. You are truly amazing to work with and I am so honored to have spent your very special day with you. : ) -Andi

Great Job Andi! Thanks for sharing. Ditto Amy and Phil!

Linda & the Cedarwood Event Team

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  1. Linda,

    Thank you ever so much…. Cedarwood is the most enchanting place …. Thank you!!! to ALL the staff..

    Y’all know how to put on a wedding :)…. every detail was perfect!!…. Krista, was the calm, cool, right on every spot person…. We just can’t say enough about the [professionals] at cedarwood..

    Phil & Amy

  2. Aww these are beautiful! I love the last one of them on the bike :)

  3. Beautiful work and a gorgeous wedding!

    Bledsoe Photography

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